Lunchtime Lusting Stationery

Lunchtime Lusting- Nancy & Betty Studio

If, like me, you’re the kind of person who thinks the words ‘stationery’ and ‘sexy’ fit perfectly comfortably in the same sentence together, Nancy and Betty Studio is definitely for you. Just click the link have a look for yourself.

Nancy & Betty are an independent stationery design company, obviously really passionate about what they do. They use recycled card and paper. They print using vegetable-based ink. They’re based in Great Britain. They’re designs are simple and fun. Tick…tick…tick…tick… that’s me checking things off my imaginary list of ‘plus points’.

Not only are all the products lovely but every picture is a joy to behold.

Sigh! Pretty things.


Lunchtime Lusting Notebooks Paper Stationery

Lunchtime Lusting- travel stationery sets

It’s a mere two weeks before I will be jetting off on a family holiday to Positano, Italy, for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Of course I will be taking a notebook and pen/pencil with me, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it to simply have a couple of items loose in the bottom of my bag. This, I feel, will be one such holiday and I will need something a bit nicer; a grown-up pencil case, basically, so I can keep all my stationery essentials handy, compact and tidy.

And so I explored the web to find the best travel stationery sets I could. Here’s what I discovered…

Having written the line about wanting something grown-up, it turns out that one of the best little all-round sets I stumbled upon is in fact a Hello Kitty one. It has a ballpoint pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, notepad, felt tips, plus (and this is what makes it so good) a sharpener that catches the shavings. I feel this is essential for a travel set, when you won’t know if there’ll be bin handy. You can get it from Tesco and it’s pretty darn cute:

If, however, you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket, why not try this travel set in a fancy leather case? According to the site it’s “A luxurious way to carry all your stationery essentials”:

Just want to do a bit of sketching on your holidays? There are quite a few sketching wallets about. This one’s from Derwents and contains a sketch pad of nice paper, nice pencils/charcoal etc., an eraser and a sharpener:

This little set from Ryman’s is pretty handy, with just the basics of nice pencils, erasers and that all important sharpener. This one not all collects the bits, but it has different sharpening sizes for drawing/writing etc. Who knew these existed? Not me! This one’s also nice and compact, with good quality erasers that sit nicely over the tops of the pencils:

Now that you’ve got together the right set of pencils/pens etc. you’ll need something to put them in. Good old Paperchase has a great selection, ranging from eco-friendly wooden ones to nice soft zip-up ones, both plain and patterned:

And finally, for any of you hardcore crafters out there, why not try making your own from this awesome tutorial?

Lunchtime Lusting Paper

Lunchtime Lusting- pretty paper

I am both glad and sad that Shepherds Falkiners has moved. Sad because I can no longer browse their lovely store in my lunch hour, or wander down to buy more book binding supplies. Glad because it stops me buying yet more paper.

I am resigned to online window shopping and trying to think up an excuse to buy some of the following:

Oh. But I actually think I do need some of this French waxed paper for covering my notebooks:

Why? Erm, well, I just do…

Craft Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Things with keys

I do not think there’ll ever be a time when I don’t want most key-related things I see. I think I can trace my love affair with keys back to Clarks Princess shoes. I would totally still wear them now. Remember the advert?

Clarks Magic Steps

Currently lusting after these cute key earrings:

This oh-so-cute key ribbon:

This lock & key necklace:

All available from the wonderful crafters of Folksy.

Art Craft Inspiration Lunchtime Lusting

Lunching Lusting- the Yorkshire Sculpture Park online shop

What do you do if you were all excited about seeing the Miró exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but were too ill to go?

Sulk, then remember about their website, then get distracted by the wonder of their online shop.

I particularly like these letter press cookie cutters:

And I have no idea what I’d do with it, but I want one of these:

Totally inspired by this farm stamp set:

Oh, and the Miró stuff in the exhibition shop is pretty good too.

Craft Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Michaels craft store

With just 4 weeks to go before the trip to Florida, I thought it may be a good idea to do a little window shopping before we head to Michaels. Otherwise we might be there all day. We probably still will be there all day.

Check out these thingumys for jewellery making fun. I think this is kind of like their Steampunk. I’m going to smoosh everything together and invent Steampunk Chic.

There’s also a huuuuge cakey bakey section, with all sorts of stuff that I’m pretty sure I will need. Turn store bought cookies into candy-coated treats? Yes please!

A Topping Tornado? Are you sure that’s safe for kids? I’d better get one and test it out.I have barely touched on the awesomeness that awaits us all. I. Cannot. Wait.

Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Silicone cat moulds from Muji!

Look at these, look look look! Look what you can get, moulds to make little chocolate cats! I need them, honest I do, I promise I’ll use them all the time…

Muji are so good, the have a little booklet for you to download with recipes. They show you how to make teeny cat cheesecakes:

I’m not sure I could bare to eat one of these chocolate cats; especially not the sleeping one, it would seem rude:

Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters

I know, I know; I’ve done one of these posts about cookie cutters already; it would seem I’m always lusting after them. But, oh, Williams-Sonoma, yours are too wonderful not to bring to people’s attention.

The Star Wars Heroes & Villains set I have already. They are AWESOME, if a little pesky to ice.  But I just discovered yet more excitement.

Star Wars Vehicles!

Marvel Heroes!


In two months time team Craft Fantastic will be heading to Florida, where there is an actual Williams-Sonoma shop, and we CANNOT WAIT.

Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Holly Cupcakes

Holly Cupcakes has to be one of the cutest cake supply sites I’ve come across. Not only can you buy all the usuals from here, such as cupcake cases, baking equipment and that all important edible glitter, Holly Cupcakes also offers a brilliant range of edible cake decorations.

Surely I need some Fairy Princess ones? This one needs to be on my cupcakes!

Everything just looks so very pretty- and cupcakes were made to be pretty. Well, that and to taste good, of course. There are also these delightful cupcake decorating kits, of which my favourite is the pirate one. Or the dinosaur. No- pirate. You get a recipe, cases, glitter and edible deocrations, all in a lovely box.


Lunchtime Lusting

Lunchtime Lusting- Muji Christmas shop

You know I love paper. Another thing I love is Lego.

Now, I don’t quite know what this is- I haven’t actually read up on that part yet. But I want.

‘Lego Bricks And Paper’ is all I needed to read on the Muji website for me to be intrigued. Basically, I think you get a special puncher thing and punch holes in the paper, then Lego brick it up…


Cool, huh? You can pick up a Christmas one for £19. I love.

I pretty much love everything in Muji; it’s all so simple. The toys are plain, delightful wooden affairs. Among my favourites are the horses merry-go-round and these slightly disturbing animal puzzles, which teach children the food chain… by showing different animals inside each other, according to what eats what.


Whatever, they’re simple, colourful, fun and have a lovely homemade feel!

No room for a Christmas tree? Reluctant to opt for an artificial one? How about this wooden one from Muji?Completely festive, completely reusable- and you can hang the decorations where you like, meaning you can still feel like you’re decorating and personalising your tree. Winner.