Origami Tutorials

Step by step origami and papercraft tutorials.

Origami is the craft of folding paper. It’s a great thing to try as you don’t need any expensive materials or special equipment. 

All you need is a square of paper (the one I used was 12x12cm) and something to crease the folds with. I use a special tool for creasing, but you can just use the back of your thumbnail.

My two rules: fold neatly, crease firmly. Happy paper folding!

Origami Samurai helmet

Origami butterfly

Upcycled paper gift bags


Origami heart tutorial

Origami Christmas trees

Origami bat

Origami bat

Origami boat

Simple origami boat tutorial

Origami gift card holder

Origami gift card holder

Origami bunny

Simple origami rabbit tutorial

Origami pencil holder

Origami star

Origami star