Online Craft Supplies – 6 Sites To Try

While there are many craft stores of all shapes and sizes littered around the UK, you can’t always get to them when you need to, or find exactly what you’re looking for. And though I do love the thought that everyone shops locally in unique little boutiques, I know this isn’t always feasible. Thankfully, there are some online sites out there that stock everything your crafty heart desires. From chain brands to independent store sites, these are, in no particular order, my top picks.


A lot of Paperchase shops can be quite small, full of fun looking pencils and stocked with greetings cards. But venture to the 3-storey epic that is the Tottenham Court Road store in London and you’ll see just how much this chain can offer. You can find a good range of art and craft supplies on their website, too, which is good news for anyone who only has access to one of their smaller shops.

Best for: Paper and card stock, stationery


One of the most well-known chains I should think, but they certainly do have a good range of supplies. You can find pretty much anything you need to start your craft project, plus the site offers lots of hints, tips and tutorials.

Best for: Starting out and stocking up


I highly recommend following the link and checking out this store for yourself. It’s a beautiful looking site which gives you the history of how the physical store (located in Manchester) started up, waaay back in 1886. It’s a passionate, experienced and knowledgeable company that offers supplies for some of the more uncommon crafts.

Best for: Cane work supplies


Yep, that’s right – not only can you sell all the wonderful things you’ve made via Folksy, you can get supplies on there too! There’s a plentiful hoard of makers who are selling craft supplies via Folksy – often handmade. You can get buttons, beads, tags, yarn and charms, among other things.

Best for: Unique items


This is a site I found while trying to source some inexpensive book cloth, when I was first testing out making hardbacks. They have a really good range and cover the basic supplies you’d need for a really wide range of crafts, from candle making to jewellery to modelling and pottery. They also have a decent ‘inspiration’ section and a place where you can share what you’ve made with other crafters.

Best for: Bargains and deals on delivery


Oh, how I mourn the fact that this lovely shop moved! I used to be able to walk to it in my lunch break, but now it’s located near Victoria it’s just too far to trek. So it’s a really good job their online store is so well stocked. The prices are a little higher than your bulk-buy sites, but the standard of the products is superb and it is most definitely worth the extra cost.

Best for: Bookbinding supplies and quality paper




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