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Top autumn crafts ideas

Well, the weather has finally turned and it looks like autumn has settled in. The cooler weather is the perfect time to stay indoors and try out some new crafts! Here are my favourite inspirations for autumn:

  • Pumpkin carving This doesn’t just have to be for Halloween night. There are lots of ideas out there for seasonal patterns that would make a great display for your home at this time of year. These ones using punched-out or drilled holes look gorgeous:

Hole punched pumpkins

  •  Wreaths There are so many ways to create an autumn wreath, apart from raiding the garden for leaves and twigs. Why not try making one from fabric or paper? As always Google is your friend here! There are some fantastic examples out there so get looking for ideas.
  • Leaf bunting A a simple but effective trick for all the surplus of leaves at this time of year is to turn them into bunting to decorate your home. You can simply string them together for an instant rustic look – win! Bigger, thicker leaves work best for this. Check out this post from sea, field and tribe, who make it look utterly fab:

Autumn Leaf Bunting

  • Filled vases You know those little glass pebbles and things you get to put in the bottoms of glass vases/candle holders? Fill them with conkers and other autumnal finds instead, and it makes for a very seasonal display:


Conker filled vases

That’s all from me – I’ll be trying out some of these this weekend I think! What have you been up to? Let me know if you have any unusual autumn craft ideas 🙂




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