Newly Knitted- little glove things

After having knitted a pair of boot cuffs as a Christmas present, it was requested that I also knit a pair of arm warmers, to match. I didn’t actually have much of the same wool left, so I knitted little glove things instead.

Here’s the pattern I use:

  • Cast on 40 stitches
  • Knit one row
  • Then start ribbing pattern; knit 3, purl 1
  • Do the opposite on the next row, i.e. knit 1, purl 3.
  • Keep this up until it’s the desired length, then cast off.

Then all you have to do is sew them up. I sewed about half and inch up from the top, left room for the thumb, then carried on sewing to the bottom. The buttons I added to match in with the boot cuffs:

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