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Weekly Inspiration- Bunting

Of course everybody knows how cute bunting is, but it does appear to have grown in popularity of late. There was a point when it seemed like it was everywhere and I actually thought I had seen enough bunting- but never fear, I have been cured of that thanks to this website. Strangely more appealing due to the word ‘kitten’, there is nothing on the Little Kitten Homemade website that isn’t 100% adorable. I officially love bunting once again. I highly recommend a visit.

Due to inclement weather, the heart bunting from the last Craft Fantastic stall got so soggy it had to be thrown away. New Bunting is needed.

Check out the following websites for some top tips on how to make your own bunting:

This weekend I will finish my new bunting for the next craft stall. Result to follow!

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I plan to have lots of bunting at my wedding (when I have found a suitable prince to marry). Your skills shall be enlisted when the occasion arises!

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