Knitting progress

My brother in law’s partner is having a baby in October and so I have taken it upon myself to knit something. I am not quite sure why, as I haven’t knitted anything in my life bar those tiny hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles; still, it seemed like the thing to do. I fully intend to knit a hat, a really cute blue and white striped hat, with a pom pom on top naturally.

In the meantime, I’m practicing by knitting a… thing… I’m just knitting really. Knit two, pearl one; as the pearling is not so easy and makes me cross. It started life as a baby scarf, but when I quickly realised the proportions were all wrong, I started to pretend I never said that it was going to be a scarf at all- no, no, I’ve been knitting a ‘thing’ all along.

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