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Top autumn crafts ideas

Well, the weather has finally turned and it looks like autumn has settled in. The cooler weather is the perfect time to stay indoors and try out some new crafts! Here are my favourite inspirations for autumn:

  • Pumpkin carving This doesn’t just have to be for Halloween night. There are lots of ideas out there for seasonal patterns that would make a great display for your home at this time of year. These ones using punched-out or drilled holes look gorgeous:

Hole punched pumpkins

  •  Wreaths There are so many ways to create an autumn wreath, apart from raiding the garden for leaves and twigs. Why not try making one from fabric or paper? As always Google is your friend here! There are some fantastic examples out there so get looking for ideas.
  • Leaf bunting A a simple but effective trick for all the surplus of leaves at this time of year is to turn them into bunting to decorate your home. You can simply string them together for an instant rustic look – win! Bigger, thicker leaves work best for this. Check out this post from sea, field and tribe, who make it look utterly fab:

Autumn Leaf Bunting

  • Filled vases You know those little glass pebbles and things you get to put in the bottoms of glass vases/candle holders? Fill them with conkers and other autumnal finds instead, and it makes for a very seasonal display:


Conker filled vases

That’s all from me – I’ll be trying out some of these this weekend I think! What have you been up to? Let me know if you have any unusual autumn craft ideas 🙂




Craft General Inspiration Stationery

Weekly inspiration – the craft room

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about turning our teeny tiny bedroom into a craft room. The hardest thing is coming up with ideas. Where to start? The internet, of course. Just had a quick image search to get some inspiration and thought I’d share my favourites!

Art Books Craft Origami Paper Tutorial

Creative book folding

First proper attempt at creating art/sculpture through book folding! Quite pleased with the result. I just did a very basic one, folding the top and bottom edges back to align with the spine, creating a point. I left a few pages free and simply tucked the pages round. Will be more adventurous next time.

Book folding

Craft Inspiration Origami Paper

Weekly inspiration- Paper Kawaii

I’ve been doing a lot of origami recently and having pretty much exhausted my current instruction books, am feeling a bit unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I still love folding paper, I just feel like I’ve been stuck in an origami rut; I’m confident doing my existing models (my craft space is full of paper cranes, butterflies and flowers!), but now it’s time to improve.

Paper Kawaii is an amazing resource for anyone interested in origami – at any level. There’s a fantastic array of models to make, from beginner to advanced, all with clear instructions and/or video tutorials. The site is beautifully designed and easy to navigate to boot!

It’s my mum’s birthday soon and I’ll be boxing her up some handmade chocolates in a beautiful box (attempt to be made this evening!):

Origami candy box tutorial from Paper Kawaii
Origami candy box tutorial from Paper Kawaii

Check out the tutorial here. Happy folding x


Books General Inspiration

Happy World Book Day!

Book lovers of the world, rejoice! For today is World Book Day.


But what does it actually mean? Surely every day is World Book Day? Well, according to their site “It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading.”  Take a look here to find out the full story.

It’s a fantastic incentive to get kids all over the world reading. Children can get £1 books via special book tokens and there are plenty of events on so head on over to and check it out!

Craft Inspiration Paper

Weekly inspiration- top Halloween paper crafts

Halloween is nearly upon us and it’s the perfect time to try out some simple paper crafts to decorate your home spook out your neighbours and guests!

Here are my favourites:

  • Paper shadow mice

Paper shadow mice

There are some fantastic Halloween crafts to be found on the Martha Stewart site but these simple paper mice are my favourite.

  • Paper pumpkins

Paper pumpkin

You can find the tutorial for these simple and effective paper pumpkins over at

Craftaholics Anonymous.

  • Cloud of paper bats

Bat silhouettes are easy to do and if you make enough of them they can be used really effectively:

Bat cloud - paper

bat cloud 2 - paper halloween craft

Check out this simple template from Country Living.

  • Paper bag puppets


Made by painting basic brown paper lunch bags- these look like they’d be so much fun to do! There’s a handy little tutorial here.

  •  Hungry house!

Why not try this idea for decorating the outside of your house: just cut big triangles of paper and turn the porch entrance into a giant mouth!

Front porch teeth 2 Front porch paper teeth

Have a happy Halloween!

Art General Inspiration

Weekly inspiration – The Big Draw!

It’s officially drawing time, as the 2013 Big Draw – The Campaign for Drawing – kicks off. Well, technically it’s already kicked off, as the official start was October 1st – but panic not, most of the events and key dates have yet to happen. Phew. And relax.

The Campaign for Drawing’s Big Draw is taking place in 15 different countries, from 1st October to 3rd November. They’re an independent charity and the basic aim is to encourage everyone to draw – as they state, drawing is a tool for “thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement.”

Want more info about them? There’s plenty to be had here.

 Country-wide events

You can go on their site and search for events near you but here are some of the ones that caught my eye:

  • Golden Images at the British Museum, London, October 26th. It’s free and it’s for all ages, so there’s no excuse for not joining in!
  • Imagined Cities at the National Gallery, London, October 4th. In this free workshop you get to help create a futuristic paper city!!
  • Autumn Glory: Half Term Family Fun at Harewood House, Leeds- various events from October 26th to November 3rd, including Children’s Crafts, a Literature Trail and a Carved Pumpkin Display.
  • Sandal C’ART’stle at Wakefield Museum, Wakefield, October 30th. This event is for ages up to 11 and they get to create their own shield designs on cotton fabric, using examples from the history of Sandal Castle as inspiration. Awesome.
  • Frankenstein’s Workshop at York House Centre, Milton Keynes, October 5th. An all day workshop for all ages – help transform York House into Frankenstein’s Workshop!
  • Draw Like A Fashion Designer at the Fashion Museum, Bath, 28th, 29th and 3oth October. “Draw your favourite fashions.” ‘Nuff said.
  • Hopscotched at Cambridge University Sidgwick Site, Cambridge, from October 17th.

Signage populates our urban spaces, guiding us, affecting our movements around the city. We are told to ‘push’, ‘pull’, ‘return’, ‘access’ or ‘stop’ as though the city choreographs us in a dance. Claire Weetman, an artist based in the North West, will select verbs and symbols from signage around Cambridge, then jet-wash them into the pavement of the University’s Sidgwick Campus. There, you’re invited to be led through the public spaces in a playful way as though you’ve stepped into a board game, or found a new way of playing hopscotch. 

  • Your Park, Your Big Draw at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, October 12th. One of the main events, this fun-filled day for all ages is packed with DIY and art activities!



If you’re unable to get to an event, you can always take part online.

Here are some key dates for your diaries – join in if you can and don’t forget you can donate anytime:

1st October:        Big Draw Starts

5th October:        Big Draw Day!

18th October:      Family Arts Festival Starts

3rd November: Big Draw Ends- last day of Family Arts Festival

6th December:   Drawing Inspiration Awards: submission deadline

Happy drawing everyone!

Craft Inspiration Notebooks Paper

Paper adventures on the Amalfi coast

On a day trip to Amalfi from Positano, we walked out of the town and up the hill to the paper mill museum. If you’re interested in paper, paper making, books etc. then it’s well worth it. I was in my element! Paper making equipment and presses dating back hundreds of years.

I even got to help!

Surely I could fit one of these in my house somewhere?

I think one of the most exciting things was that everything there was basically a much bigger version of my paper making set up at home. I must be doing something right! I got some good tips from the guide on doing hand made paper with flowers in. Can’t wait to try it!

Craft Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration – Craft Gawker

This site is brilliant. As their ‘about’ page says:

craftgawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of handmade arts and crafts to inspire your own projects. we publish photography submitted by craft bloggers from around the world. our editors review submissions daily and choose the highest quality, most creative images to showcase.”

I hate to compare, but to give you an indication- it’s a bit like Pinterest, but specifically for links to tutorials and images of crafty things to inspire you!

There’s a wide range of crafts on here and different sections to choose from – dwelling, food, style etc. – and a great blog too. A real bonus is that as well as being full of fun projects there are also basic, practical tutorials such as how to use a glue gun, using rivets and quilling basics.

So go look, get inspired and then get crafting!

Inspiration Paper Stationery

Stationery competition winner!

It was a close call.
The runner up letter was from my mum- she has lovely neat handwriting and used matching Miffy stationery:

She wrote about the fact that one in five children have never received a letter. Very sad indeed!

The winner, though, was my good friend Helen, who wrote in pink ink and decorated the edges of her letter with blue glitter.

She also recommended an author I’d not heard of – Emma Newman – who I’m looking forward to checking out.

For her customised prize, she has asked me to adorn her writing paper and envelopes with robots!
I’m on it – will post the finished results soon.