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Origami Google Doodle- Happy Birthday Akira Yoshizawa!

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Lesson learned: The £1.99 circle cutter

Ah, The Works. How you tempt me with your cheap products. Many an hour have I spent standing gazing at your overstuffed shelves, pondering whether to purchase 6 packs of card for £5 and if I really need more pretty paper just because it’s very cheap.

After the success and delight I got from making the paper beads recently, I decided a £1.99 circle cutter from The Works might be a good investment. It looks very much like this:

In theory, this compass design is good idea. It does work and with a bit of practise cutting perfect circles is easy. The only problem I have is that you’re left with a teeny hole in the centre. Why not use the handy ‘paper saver’ it comes with? I hear you ask. Well, I would, says I, but it doesn’t stay put. Unless you put lots of pressure on it… and then not only does it make it harder to turn in a clean circle, it leaves little grooves in the paper. Instead of a little hole.

I am still debating whether it’s not just easier to cut circles out by hand with good old reliable scissors.

Craft Origami Paper

The Craft Fantastic- new stock ideas

The Craft Fantastic have booked their first stall of the year. I’ve been playing around with some different things to sell. What do you think?

Craft Inspiration Paper

Weekly Inspiration- Paper beads

I’m not talking about those rolled paper beads that everyone does, because everyone does those. Not that there’s anything wrong with them; they are simple, fun and effective, thus the basis of their appeal.

It all started with the paper bead things in my Kirstie Book; they’re made by cutting lots of circles of the same size, folding them in half and sticking them together.

I have made these two already and have lots of ideas for projects: