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Small Sunday craft fair

Just a few pictures from our most recent craft fair. Not a lot of sales, but a couple of contacts!

Craft Knitting

New knitting- little gadget/phone holders.

I’ve knitted a couple of these, just as an experiment, making the pattern up… I quite like them! It’s like having a little cosy for your phone.

I’ll have them on sale at our next stall, which is Mother’s Day, so I’m hoping they’re a ‘mum’ thing…

Craft Knitting Origami Paper

The Craft Fantastic- new stock ideas

The Craft Fantastic have booked their first stall of the year. I’ve been playing around with some different things to sell. What do you think?

Craft Knitting

Knitted things- now on Folsky!

Yes, I finally have something listed on Folksy- whoop woo! Check out these ever-so-cute knitted arm warmers.

Craft Knitting

Newly Knitted- little glove things

After having knitted a pair of boot cuffs as a Christmas present, it was requested that I also knit a pair of arm warmers, to match. I didn’t actually have much of the same wool left, so I knitted little glove things instead.

Here’s the pattern I use:

  • Cast on 40 stitches
  • Knit one row
  • Then start ribbing pattern; knit 3, purl 1
  • Do the opposite on the next row, i.e. knit 1, purl 3.
  • Keep this up untilĀ it’s the desired length, then cast off.

Then all you have to do is sew them up. I sewed about half and inch up from the top, left room for the thumb, then carried on sewing to the bottom. The buttons I added to match in with the boot cuffs: