Craft Notebooks Paper

Button Book – first attempt

A while back I did a post on ‘things with buttons’ and featured this teeny little button book:

So cute! And such a great idea. I’ve been wanting to make my own for quite some time now and I finally got round to it.

The idea I had for it is taken from something I’ve had in mind for a while now: “He is always dancing with me…” is a line that’s been kicking around my ideas book as something that I want to illustrate, and finally with this miniature button book I’ve incorporated it into something.

I would like to make more for my Folksy shop but I’m not entirely sure what I would market them as! ideas?!

Craft Paper Stationery

Customised stationery set

When my friend Helen won the letter writing competition I recently ran, I assumed that she’d commission me to do robots on her prize of a customised letter and envelope set. However, when I asked what she’d like, she said she’d need some time to think about it.
After a few days she got back to me with her request. Could she have robots, please?

I’m really happy with the result!

(I think this guy’s my favourite. Shh.):

These were great fun to design.

Craft Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration – Craft Gawker

This site is brilliant. As their ‘about’ page says:

craftgawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of handmade arts and crafts to inspire your own projects. we publish photography submitted by craft bloggers from around the world. our editors review submissions daily and choose the highest quality, most creative images to showcase.”

I hate to compare, but to give you an indication- it’s a bit like Pinterest, but specifically for links to tutorials and images of crafty things to inspire you!

There’s a wide range of crafts on here and different sections to choose from – dwelling, food, style etc. – and a great blog too. A real bonus is that as well as being full of fun projects there are also basic, practical tutorials such as how to use a glue gun, using rivets and quilling basics.

So go look, get inspired and then get crafting!

Inspiration Paper Stationery

Stationery competition winner!

It was a close call.
The runner up letter was from my mum- she has lovely neat handwriting and used matching Miffy stationery:

She wrote about the fact that one in five children have never received a letter. Very sad indeed!

The winner, though, was my good friend Helen, who wrote in pink ink and decorated the edges of her letter with blue glitter.

She also recommended an author I’d not heard of – Emma Newman – who I’m looking forward to checking out.

For her customised prize, she has asked me to adorn her writing paper and envelopes with robots!
I’m on it – will post the finished results soon.