Baking Craft Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration- Halloween makes and bakes

Last year I made these wonderful origami bats to grace the front porch for our Halloween party:

Sadly, this year we’re too busy to do anything other than maybe carve an obligatory pumpkin for the garden, so I thought I’d round up some of the best makes and bakes I’ve found online.

  • Eeek! Mini pumpkins

This is so simple but I think it looks great! Check out the how-to here.

  • Spider cupcakes

You can easily turn cupcakes into spooky spiders with the help of some liquorice for the legs and candy for the eyes! There are loads of different ideas out there, here are a few of my favourite pictures to help you decorate your own:

  • Halloween Up-cycled

Out of all of these great eco-friendly spooky craft projects, I think this plastic skull is my favourite:

There’s a simpler version here using milk cartons. I’m sure you don’t need that fancy schmancy machine.

  • Monster Brownies

Something else simple, effective and adaptable! Sometimes all you need is an idea and it can get you going. Check out monster brownies and out here.

Craft Knitting

Newly Knitted- craft stall creations

We’ve been hard at it knitting lots of cosy things for the November 4th craft fair!

Arm warmers:

Boot cuffs:


Baking Chocolates Inspiration

National Chocolate Week(ly) Inspiration

Note that we need one, but now everyone has the perfect excuse to buy and eat chocolate. It’s National Chocolate Week! It’s even listed on a website of National Awareness Days. Which means it’s important.

You can visit the Chocolate Week website here for any events happening in your area- there are some good ones!

If you’re feeling in an adventurous mood, why not check out some chocolaty recipes? I’ve picked out some of my favourites to inspire you:

  • Chilli Hot Chocolate

A really simple thing to do and totally delicious! Just heat chilli with the milk, so it infuses and you get a nice kick. Here’s a good simple recipe from Waitrose that can easily be adapted to taste.

  • Chocolate Fridge Cake

I remember making this a lot at Uni! Melt chocolate, mix with stuff, bung it in the fridge. Job done. Try this one out for size; again, it’s very easy to adapt.

  • Classic Chocolate Cake

An essential in any baker’s repertoire- and what better place to start than with this Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe from Nigella.

  • Chocolate marshmallow slab

Not got the time or patience to do fancy things like tempering chocolate? Check out this cheaty trick from the fantabulous Choccywoccydodah.

  • Chocolate Truffles

The first time I made truffles, I used this recipe from Waitrose- I’ve been hooked on chocolate making ever since!

Craft Knitting Notebooks Paper Stationery

Craft stall – November 4th, Northampton Saints Grounds

Come along! We have the usual paper goods, plus lots of snuggly knitted things for winter and some Christmas stock, too.