Craft Origami

Simple origami Christmas trees

Work has started on stock for the up-coming Christmas craft fair (details later). First up, origami Christmas tree gift tags!

These trees are incredibly simple and ever so cute. I got the instructions from an old ‘origami a day’ calendar; I’ve seriously had it for about 10 years, it’s an endless source of… well, origami:

Ok, so to start this off, it’s a bit like making a paper plane. Fold the paper in half and unfold. Then, fold the top corners into the crease; then do the same again:


Next, fold up the bottom and uncrease, then fold in the two bottom flaps to meet the crease you just made:


All you do then is fold up the bottom, fold half of it back down…


…then turn it over and you should have a lovely tree! I’ve been making gift tags:

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