Weekly Inspiration- Matisse cut outs

At the end of the week it’s my husband’s uncle’s 80th birthday (is there such thing as an uncle in-law??) and so I have been commissioned to make a special card. It’s been decided that a ‘cut-out’ style card is what’s to be made and I was reminded of my book on Matisse ’gouaches découpés’ – the paper cut outs he did towards the end of his life. Whilst on this occassion my creativity has been reigned in to a mere ‘HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY’ cut out of the front of the card, I feel inspired to create something rather more colourful and less rigid. I’m thinking outlines of flowers.

In the meantime, enjoy these:


Weekend Baking- Star Wars cookies

One of my most exciting wedding presents was a set of Williams-Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters. Having had lots of practice with making cookies, I thought it would be simple- but I hadn’t banked on the stamp-style cutters being quite so faffy! And the icing…! It’s really tricky! Maybe, though, it would have been easier if I had propper icing equipment and was’t applying it with a knife. Ah well. You learn!


Sunday Arts Market- a damp but promising start!

Well it did drizzle rather a lot on the day we had our craft stall, but despite the ‘sod’s law’ weather I think we did pretty well. It was, after all, the first thing like this we’d done and we managed to make back the money we’d paid for the stall plus a teeny tiny profit.