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Lunchtime Lusting- Silicone cat moulds from Muji!

Look at these, look look look! Look what you can get, moulds to make little chocolate cats! I need them, honest I do, I promise I’ll use them all the time… Muji are so good, the have a little booklet for you to download with recipes. They show you how to make teeny cat cheesecakes: […]

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Lunchtime Lusting- Muji Christmas shop

You know I love paper. Another thing I love is Lego. Now, I don’t quite know what this is- I haven’t actually read up on that part yet. But I want. http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?V=1&Sec=21&Sub=94&PID=5488 ‘Lego Bricks And Paper’ is all I needed to read on the Muji website for me to be intrigued. Basically, I think you […]

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