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Lunchtime Lusting- Birkmann Cookie Cutters

For a while now, the crew aboard The Craft Fantastic have lusted after these super cute V.I.P. Birkmann cookie cutters: But now, as Chritmas is drawing near, our attention has been brought to these: They are without a doubt the best festive cookie cutters ever. We want.

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Origami candy cane- gift tags

I’ve been busy busy folding and sticking this week. These origami candy canes are simple to do and I think they look great. You start with a sheet of 2-colour¬†origami paper, blank side up. Fold, crease and uncrease corner to corner, both ways, so you end up with this: I’m afraid I’m using my old […]

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Whittlebury Park Magical Christmas Fair

The Craft Fantastic’s next craft fair is: Cards! Cakes! Christmas decorations! That’s us, that’s us!!

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