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Weekly Inspiration – an Origami Christmas

Yes, I am aware of how far away Christmas is. But if there are potential craft fairs to be done at the end of November, these things need thinking about now. I’ve made a few origami crane mobiles now and have got the hang of them. Whilst thinking of things to make for the Christmas […]

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To heck with Weekly Inspiration – I’m going to Florida!!!!

I am extremely excited. There are four of us going and I’m sure one of is actually going to explode at some point in the run up to the holiday. As I’ve been before, I’m going to play at being Tour Guide Barbie. I am looking forward to many months ahead looking over maps and marking the […]

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Weekly Inspiration- Upcycling

Whilst trying to find something to do with the heaps and heaps of old videos I have and can’t watch (yet can’t bring myself to throw away- because I NEED to own copies of Airheads, Empire Records and China Town) I discovered the happy world of upcycling. It’s not that it’s a new concept to me, […]

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Weekly Inspiration- Bunting

Of course everybody knows how cute bunting is, but it does appear to have grown in popularity of late. There was a point when it seemed like it was everywhere and I actually thought I had seen enough bunting- but never fear, I have been cured of that thanks to this website. Strangely more appealing due to the word ‘kitten’, there […]

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Weekly Inspiration- That Friday Feeling

I’ve had it today, I really have. I’ve inexplicably enjoyed listneing to Beyoncé and The Wanted, drank more wine at lunch than is sensible and subsequently decided to organise lots of nights out in town that seemed like a good idea at the time but will probably never happen. So here, in no particular order, is […]

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Weekly Inspiration – Letter writing

I miss having an excuse to write a proper letter to someone. Everyone loves getting post, don’t they? Being newly-weds, my husband and I are currently ploughing through the task of writing our thank you cards. Personally I have relished having to write long notes to people, having actually got something important to write about; something to say. All […]

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Weekly Inspiration- Matisse cut outs

At the end of the week it’s my husband’s uncle’s 80th birthday (is there such thing as an uncle in-law??) and so I have been commissioned to make a special card. It’s been decided that a ‘cut-out’ style card is what’s to be made and I was reminded of my book on Matisse ’gouaches découpés’ – […]

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