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National Stationery Week – The Competition

In light of the upcoming National Stationery Week, I’ve decided to run a little competition amongst my Facebook friends (indeed, the ones who are actually my friends!). All they have to do is post me a hand written letter. That’s the whole brief, they can make of that what they will! As a prize, the […]

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National Stationery Week! 22nd – 28th April, 2013

While National Stationery Week is a mere 7 days away, I am glad I’ve found out about it at least a little in advance. As it says on their site, ‘National Stationery Week is a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.’ ¬†And just to be clear, that’s stationery with an ‘e’, NOT […]

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New blank notebooks – with or without a key?

So I made up a new blank notebook. Ivory paper: Red and gold headband: Simple black cover: The intention was to stick a decorative metal key on the front, but I can’t quite decide how to place it. Which looks best?

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Weekly Inspiration – Letters Of Note

It began with an innocent discussion on snozzcumbers, and ended with this link being emailed round the office from ¬†Letters Of Note: This website is a definite must visit for anyone who likes reading, writing, letters and words. Here are some of my favourites: I Like Words Damn You All To Hell I Was […]

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A trio of mini notebooks

Craft complete! The cover material came yesterday and I finished my trio of miniature notebooks. Very happy with the results:

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Reasons to send Christmas cards

And when I say Christmas cards, I mean proper snail mail cards, none of this e-card nonsense! EVERYONE likes getting post. The less mail we get through the door, the nicer it is to get something worthwhile! It shows you’re thinking of people and it’s nice to be thought of. Even in the smallest way. […]

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Knitted and paper craft stall

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Craft stall – November 4th, Northampton Saints Grounds

Come along! We have the usual paper goods, plus lots of snuggly knitted things for winter and some Christmas stock, too.

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More on Folksy!

I’ve added more festive Christmas gift tags to the Craft Fantastic Folksy shop! I’ve also added some knitted hair bows: You can check out the shop here.

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A proper little hardback- first attempt

It’s taken me a while to get round to doing one of these, but I finally found the time to have a go at doing a traditionally bound hard back notebook with a proper spine. Really enjoyed sewing up the signatures, very satisfying: They’re actually a little loose I think, but as a first attempt […]

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