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Wearable mini journal

This is my favourite mini so far! A book necklace and a wearable journal. I love the elastic holding it together. I will definitely be making more but this one is MINE.

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Flore Family Fun Day

Some pictures from our last craft stall. This was a great event, well organised and tons of fun! Best sellers for us were the origami crane mobiles which went down a treat- I think because we had the gazebo to hang them from so people could actually see them properly! Ever the attentive stall holders: […]

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Mini notebook – for necklace/key ring etc.

Made some new mini notebooks this weekend. The insides are sketchbook paper, while the covers are upcycled from a pair of old boots. They’re tied with a thin ribbon and have a metal loop attached so they can be fastened to a necklace or key ring etc.

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Travel checklist/holiday notebook

Finished my prototype holiday checklist/notebook! It has titles for destination and date, plus sections with space to write what you want- divided into essentials, toiletries, accessories, clothes and miscellaneous. Then there are a few blank pages for general holiday notes: This one I’ve done for myself, as a tester, but I will do proper ones […]

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Summer Stall – Flore Family Fun Day

Join us this July 14th for a day of fun in (hopefully sunny) Flore! The Craft Fantastic will be there with a fabulous range of notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, gift tags and origami mobiles. Go check out the website to see what’s going on.  

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New notebook – customised recipe book

A friend commissioned this fabulous blank notebook for writing recipes in. Love the cover paper she chose! I cut out a section and added a title on the front.

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Lunchtime Lusting- travel stationery sets

It’s a mere two weeks before I will be jetting off on a family holiday to Positano, Italy, for some much needed rest and relaxation. Of course I will be taking a notebook and pen/pencil with me, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it to simply have a couple of items loose in the bottom […]

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Button Book – first attempt

A while back I did a post on ‘things with buttons’ and featured this teeny little button book: So cute! And such a great idea. I’ve been wanting to make my own for quite some time now and I finally got round to it. The idea I had for it is taken from something I’ve […]

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Customised stationery set

When my friend Helen won the letter writing competition I recently ran, I assumed that she’d commission me to do robots on her prize of a customised letter and envelope set. However, when I asked what she’d like, she said she’d need some time to think about it. After a few days she got back […]

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Stationery competition winner!

It was a close call. The runner up letter was from my mum- she has lovely neat handwriting and used matching Miffy stationery: She wrote about the fact that one in five children have never received a letter. Very sad indeed! The winner, though, was my good friend Helen, who wrote in pink ink and […]

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