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Craft Commission- notebook

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Cut-out flower card.

Ta-da! I have only made┬áthis so far, but I really like the idea and enjoyed doing it, so I’m going to have a see what else I can come up with.

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Knitting progress

My brother in law’s partner is having a baby in October and so I have taken it upon myself to knit something. I am not quite sure why, as I haven’t knitted anything in my life bar those tiny hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles; still, it seemed like the thing to do. I fully intend […]

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Cut-out card – result.

Here’s the finished card I made. It was really tricky, actually, and I did feel like I was under pressure to get it done in time to send it off- but I think it turned out ok for a first attempt! Like I said in my previous post, not very creative or adventurous, but it […]

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Sunday Arts Market- a damp but promising start!

Well it did drizzle rather a lot on the day we had our craft stall, but despite the ‘sod’s law’ weather I think we did pretty well. It was, after all, the first thing like this we’d done and we managed to make back the money we’d paid for the stall plus a teeny tiny […]

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Northampton Sunday Arts Market- June 12th

The Craft Fantastic has their very first stall at the Sunday Arts Market in Northampton’s market square!

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