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Charity event- Saturday 24th September

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Over the Bank Holiday weekend I made… a necklace!

And jolly good fun it was, too!

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Sunday Arts Market, take 2

This time around, the weather was amazing. Hurrah! We had a nice corner stall, lots of room to display all our products properly: I think we were all suprised at how well the bowls made from old records did- definitely the biggest seller of the day!

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Upcycled origami

For a while now, along with making notebooks, I’ve been sat happily folding cranes of an evening and turning them into little mobiles. After having a clear out recently and discovering rather a large stash (who knows why) of paper shopping bags, I decided that rather than put them into the recycling bin, I would fashion them into […]

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Weekly Inspiration- Upcycling

Whilst trying to find something to do with the heaps and heaps of old videos I have and can’t watch (yet can’t bring myself to throw away- because I NEED to own copies of Airheads, Empire Records and China Town) I discovered the happy world of upcycling. It’s not that it’s a new concept to me, […]

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New craft stall bunting

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Northampton Sunday Arts Market- August 14th

That’s right people, the next Sunday Arts Market is nearly upon us and The Craft Fanstastic team are busy busy busy crafting away to make lovely products for you lovely people to buy: We’ll be there from 11am to 5pm, hopefully see you there!

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Weekly Inspiration- Bunting

Of course everybody knows how cute bunting is, but it does appear to have grown in popularity of late. There was a point when it seemed like it was everywhere and I actually thought I had seen enough bunting- but never fear, I have been cured of that thanks to this website. Strangely more appealing due to the word ‘kitten’, there […]

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Lunchtime Lusting – Jpop at Paperchase

Back to school stationery shopping was always fun for me. There’s just something satisfying about writing in a brand new notebook with brand new pens. That feeling that perhaps this notebook will be the one that contains only good ideas and actually stays neat; no crossing out, no scribbles, no mess. Sadly that was never the […]

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Recent makes- origami gift tags

I was very pleased to have some time to do crafts this weekend. I made some gift tags with origami hearts and fishes on: I also had time to do some greetings cards:

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