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Street Party!

The Craft Fantastic have not one but two stalls at this! One selling delicious cakes, chocolates and cookies and the other selling a whole heap of paper goodies. It’s all for a good cause so if you’re around Northampton August 31st then please stop by and see us. Spread the word people šŸ™‚

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Weekend baking – coffee walnut whips

Simple to make and tasty. Kind of like making truffles; coat the moulds, make the filling (in this case, coffee mixed with sugar and heated, then poured over chopped choc and mixed till smooth) then pour into the set cases. When the filling is set and the top coat put on, smoosh a walnut half […]

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National Chocolate Week(ly) Inspiration

Note that we need one, but now everyone has the perfect excuse to buy and eat chocolate. It’s National Chocolate Week! It’s even listed on a website of National Awareness Days. Which means it’s important. You can visit the Chocolate Week website here for any events happening in your area- there are some good ones! […]

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Weekend Baking- “Florentines”

A hot, sticky September afternoon is perhaps not the best time to try making these, but I’d got it into my head that I wanted to try. So I did. I know these aren’t proper Florentines, but I couldn’t think what else to call them! I started by tracing some circles on a sheet of […]

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Weekend baking- Oreo Wonderfuls

“What shall I call those things I just made?” IĀ asked my husband. “Oreo Wonderfuls” saidĀ he. Ok then. Since I can’t think of anything to call them, Oreo Wonderfuls it is. I started thinking about making these after watching Lorraine Pascale make her cheaty cake pops, where she combined Oreos and chocolate spread. After a quick […]

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Baking Stall- Sunday June 24th, Northampton Saints Rugby Club

Ā  We’ve got a stall booked at this charity event, selling lovely cakes, chocolates and other delicious treats: It’s at Franklin Gardens, from 11am to 2pm. Please stop by if you can!

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Weekend baking- Mini cheesecake chocolate cup things

First, I made the chocolate cases with my peanut butter cup mould: Then, IĀ piped in a cheesecake filling… the nozzle was a bit small though, so the filling looks a bit wiggly! They were yum! I’m going to try a mousse filling next!

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Weekly Inspiration- Wilton ideas page

After the success of my peanut butter cups, I wanted to try more filled candy delights. As I’d used Wilton Candy Melts for the peanut butter filling, I thought the Wilton website would be a sensible place to start. I was right. I have discovered that, really, once you’ve made your little chocolate cup, you […]

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Weekend baking- peanut butter cups

While we were in Florida, I picked up a whole new load of candy making stuff- mostly Wilton. Actually, I thinkĀ all of it was Wilton! I got peanut butter flavour and dark chocolate candy melts, a new candy mould, some squeezy bottle things, and some decorating brushes. Making peanut butter cups meant I got to […]

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