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Craft fair ahoy! Sunday March 18th

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Weekly Inspiration- Buttons!

Buttons are awesome. Just look how fun this pile looks. They are sometimes misused because of this fact. Sticking buttons on something doesn’t automatically make it cute. That’s right. You heard me. Stop randomly sticking buttons on things! Each to their own though, I guess, but these, for example, are delightful: Check out absolutely small for […]

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I couldn’t craft without… Top 10 craft essentials

Skipping past the main obvious ones, such as paper, pencils, pens and card, here are the ten items I find myself using most often, no matter what craft I’m doing. 1. Bone folder- My number one crafting tool. Mainly used for scoring and making sharp creases, but also handy for pressing things smooth when gluing etc. They’re […]

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #5

It’s really great to see publishers fighting against the rise of these new-fangled digital book things by bringing out beautiful new covers. This lovely Penguin hardback edition of Flappers And Philosophers, a collection of short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a great example. Why would anyone not want this book on their shelf? I […]

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Lesson learned: The £1.99 circle cutter

Ah, The Works. How you tempt me with your cheap products. Many an hour have I spent standing gazing at your overstuffed shelves, pondering whether to purchase 6 packs of card for £5 and if I really need more pretty paper just because it’s very cheap. After the success and delight I got from making […]

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Lunchtime Lusting- Michaels craft store

With just 4 weeks to go before the trip to Florida, I thought it may be a good idea to do a little window shopping before we head to Michaels. Otherwise we might be there all day. We probably still will be there all day. Check out these thingumys for jewellery making fun. I think […]

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The Craft Fantastic- new stock ideas

The Craft Fantastic have booked their first stall of the year. I’ve been playing around with some different things to sell. What do you think?

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Weekly Inspiration- Paper beads

I’m not talking about those rolled paper beads that everyone does, because everyone does those. Not that there’s anything wrong with them; they are simple, fun and effective, thus the basis of their appeal. It all started with the paper bead things in my Kirstie Book; they’re made by cutting lots of circles of the […]

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #4

The question I find the most difficult to answer is always “What’s your favourite…?” Be it film, book, song or pizza topping, I can never choose just one. Now, I don’t think this is my all-time favourite cover; but I have been thinking, and I reckon if I were really pressed to choose, I would say […]

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Simple origami Sunday

Muaaaargh! And other dinosaur type noises.

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