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Weekend baking- peanut butter cups

While we were in Florida, I picked up a whole new load of candy making stuff- mostly Wilton. Actually, I think all of it was Wilton! I got peanut butter flavour and dark chocolate candy melts, a new candy mould, some squeezy bottle things, and some decorating brushes. Making peanut butter cups meant I got to […]

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Simple Origami Sunday

These little origami hanging people remind me so much of the hanging monkeys my grandma had! I don’t remember there ever being a barrel.. I was quite content just linking monkeys…

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Steampunk inspired bracelet

I really enjoyed making this! Basically, I just took stuff apart and linked it together with random stuff…

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Lunching Lusting- the Yorkshire Sculpture Park online shop

What do you do if you were all excited about seeing the Miró exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but were too ill to go? Sulk, then remember about their website, then get distracted by the wonder of their online shop. I particularly like these letter press cookie cutters: And I have no idea what […]

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Florida 2012- the notebook

Finished and filled with fun 🙂

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FLORIDA ahoy!!!!!!!!!

The long-awaited holiday is finally here, hurrah! Thus, I have nothing to post about, absolutely nothing at all apart from a picture of our hotel: The pool, hot tubs, tennis and basketball courts: A little map of City Walk and imagining I’m walking round: And planning my birthday Disney outfit!

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Small Sunday craft fair

Just a few pictures from our most recent craft fair. Not a lot of sales, but a couple of contacts!

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #6

“I saw this and thought of you!” was the joyful exclamation that greeted me when Cupcake Queen Noms came round for the craft fair yesterday (post to follow). I love the fact that she only had to look at the cover of Here Be Monsters: The Ratbridge Chronicles to know that I would think this book was […]

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Weekly Inspiration- Cardcaptors

Ok, so this isn’t reeeally 100% about crafts. As I may have mentioned, we’re going to Florida soon. I’m making a notebook to take; it’s a little one, handbag sized, with a pocket in the back to put theme park tickets etc. The cover will be decorated with cartoon figures representing everyone going.  My first thought […]

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Origami Google Doodle- Happy Birthday Akira Yoshizawa!

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