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Button-Eyed Owl

Pinned it: Sewed it: Buttoned it:

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #8

The Penguin Great Journeys series is a fabulous collection to own. Not only do the covers make for an extremely pleasing shelf display, but the titles are excellent to boot; not to mention the fact that they are great reads! Travel back to the time when there were Snakes With Wings And Gold-Digging Ants: Read about William Dampier’s sea adventures in Piracy, Turtles […]

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Miniature Notebook

There are so many things I should be making right now, but I just couldn’t resist making this teeny tiny notebook. See how small!

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Weekly Inspiration- Books and art

I’ve been thinking recently about what kind of books to make and decided that maybe it would be a good idea to figure out what kind of book I would want for myself. What is about a book that makes me want it when I see it? It’s most definitely the look of the thing, […]

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Weekend baking- Honey & Walnut Cake

This cake is not as faffy as it seems and it is de-licious. Ingredients: 175g butter 100g castor sugar 100g clear honey 100g walnuts 3 large eggs 225g self raising flour The recipe calls for a 20cm square shallow tin, but I used a round one! Firstly, preheat your oven to 180ºC. While it’s heating up, line your tin […]

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The Rock ‘N’ Roll Guide To Wedding Music

This. Book. Is. Awesome. Ok, yes, I’m slightly biased as it’s my book, but still- you have to admit, it’s pretty damn awesome. When preparing for my (I mean ‘our’, of course) wedding last year freezer_girl got me hooked on the Rock ‘n Roll Bride site. I found it endlessly inspiring and thoroughly refreshing, in a “Oh! Of course, it’s our […]

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A proper little hardback- first attempt

It’s taken me a while to get round to doing one of these, but I finally found the time to have a go at doing a traditionally bound hard back notebook with a proper spine. Really enjoyed sewing up the signatures, very satisfying: They’re actually a little loose I think, but as a first attempt […]

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Geometric notebook decorations

Updated some of my stab-bound notebooks by layering simple geometric shapes on the cover. And writing the word ‘notes’ on the front, just for good measure.

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Weekly Inspiration- Scrapbooking

When I was younger, I thought scrapbooking meant literally putting scraps of paper into a book. In the last few years, I’ve come to think of it as more of a cheesy American thing and all about having notebooks full of stuff and making the pages look fancy and sticking lots of things in them- not just scraps of paper. You […]

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Baking Stall- Sunday June 24th, Northampton Saints Rugby Club

  We’ve got a stall booked at this charity event, selling lovely cakes, chocolates and other delicious treats: It’s at Franklin Gardens, from 11am to 2pm. Please stop by if you can!

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