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New blank notebooks – with or without a key?

So I made up a new blank notebook. Ivory paper: Red and gold headband: Simple black cover: The intention was to stick a decorative metal key on the front, but I can’t quite decide how to place it. Which looks best?

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Lunchtime Lusting- pretty paper

I am both glad and sad that Shepherds Falkiners has moved. Sad because I can no longer browse their lovely store in my lunch hour, or wander down to buy more book binding supplies. Glad because it stops me buying yet more paper. I am resigned to online window shopping and trying to think up […]

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #12

Recent charity shop purchase: And inside… No idea what this book is, literally just saw the old cover and the fact it was 95p and bought it!

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Simple Origami Sunday: BUNNIES!

Two origami bunny tutorials: The yellow one is inflatable, so when you get to the second to last step, you need to… blow into the bunny’s nose!

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Coptic Binding – first attempt

Coptic binding is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages and I found a really great tutorial. I love this one particularly as the pictures are so clear. To practise this technique, I decided to bind my old sketches together. They’ve been laying around, sheets of A4 from sketch pads that have fallen to […]

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Paper balloon mobile – handmade gift idea

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was this book: Everything Oz, The Wizard Book Of Makes & Bakes. Ever eager to have a reason to try out new craft projects (though sometimes no reason is needed!) I chose the paper balloon mobile to make as a gift for my friend, who’s just had […]

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Weekly Inspiration – Letters Of Note

It began with an innocent discussion on snozzcumbers, and ended with this link being emailed round the office from ¬†Letters Of Note: This website is a definite must visit for anyone who likes reading, writing, letters and words. Here are some of my favourites: I Like Words Damn You All To Hell I Was […]

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A trio of mini notebooks

Craft complete! The cover material came yesterday and I finished my trio of miniature notebooks. Very happy with the results:

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It was the cover that caught my eye… #11

First visit to the charity shop this year and I visually stumbled upon ‘The Book Of Madness And Cures’ by Regina O’Melveny: The title is as intriguing as the cover, and a quick scan of the blurb on the back cover (in short – a female doctor in Renaissance Venice is compelled to cross Europe […]

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Happy 2013! New Year, new projects

As 2012 is now over, I think it’s high time I knuckled down and finished some of the projects I’ve either started or been thinking about! First up, I have 3 mini notebooks to finish, with black covers. Sadly the black bookbinding material has been out of stock, but it’s now on order to be […]

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